Daura Campos x The Dyás- Seasons of Tenderness

by The Dyás Admin

My name is Daura Campos, I go by she/her pronouns and I am a visual artist exploring 35mm film to make photographs and paintings. I'm a Brazilian artist based in Belo Horizonte and I just collaborated with The Dyás–from London!

In my artistic practice, I'm inspired by the multiple ways an image can come to fruition. I'm most interested in the experimental ways of creating and the surprises that happen along the way. There is a stubbornness to my process, one that is born out of contesting the traditional image-making processes, but on the other side of it, there is resilience and tenderness – to me, they're all the same.

Photograph, 2023 

With my trusty camera in hand, I venture around and capture an array of textures that catches my eye. But that is just the beginning. To infuse even more depth into the artwork, I incorporate ingredients that viscerally bond what was exposed to where it was captured.

Each ingredient plays a unique role in spoiling the film. Through my process, in a blend of spontaneity and purpose, the images come alive as they are ruined, leaving a mark that is both alluring and thought-provoking.

Process, 2023

At the heart of my work lies the message of resilience – my images symbolize it, just like each one of us who has overcome challenges in our lives. I'm moved by the idea of living life with an open heart, trying over and over again, staying soft, even once scarred. I find true resilience to blossom into tenderness. 

I found a wonderful opportunity to partner with The Dyás, where we can together deepen our appreciation for this concept. Through the creation of wearable art, we bring these images to life, becoming living embodiments of strength and endurance. Each piece we create serves as a reminder that we are all survivors, having triumphed over various hurdles that life has thrown our way.

See the pieces we created here


Thank you Manuela Ventura for creating the video!