The Dyás is a London-based brand concept turning art into wearable garments and accessories. Our pieces are responsibly produced by local manufacturers using innovative low-impact materials. Each of our unique prints is created in collaboration with an emerging artist, and all of our pieces are produced in limited quantities. 

About us

At The Dyás, we don't just want to create beautiful garments and accessories, we also want to change your view of what fashion should be. 

In a world of rapid and mass consumption, we often lose sight of the stories behind our clothing. We forget that the things we wear are crafted by talented artisans - 60-80% of whom are women.

At The Dyas, we want to bring attention to these stories, and create connections between our pieces and our consumers that defy the ethos of fashion as ‘disposable.’ We want you to value our clothing as much as you value the artwork hung up in a gallery - and to value the skill of the artisans in our supply chain the same way you would that of an artist. 

That’s why we’ve unite the worlds of fashion and art within a framework of responsible design. So next time you purchase or try on one of our pieces, remember - it’s not fashion, it’s wearable art. 

At The Dyás we love art, colour, textures, high-quality materials, and beautiful things. We believe there is still a way to enjoy, collect, invest in, and take care of your objects of desire without compromising on responsibility. 

The story behind our name 

Our name, The Dyás, means "the two," or "the duality." It references the unique position fashion occupies as a representation of both permanence and change. 

Styles change, but the impacts of clothing production (and consumption) are permanent. Our mission as a creative platform is to embrace this duality and to create pieces that both look good and do good. 

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