A pre-order is an order placed for an item before it is ready to be dispatched. Using a pre-order system helps us avoid over producing garments and reduces material waste. Moreover, our items are produced in limited edition runs that don’t follow any trends or season and are made to last. We think it’s worth the wait.

How does it work?

Purchase the item with the shop button normally, and you’ll receive a confirmation email right away. We’ll then keep you updated with what’s happening to your order, and let you know when it’s ready to ship. Please be aware that the item will likely take around 3-4 months to be shipped to you.

The production process takes so long because we only order fabrics and trimmings that will be used - and the amount of time to receive those items, and quality check them, and them start producing with them, is rather significant. Making a garment is a long process that involves a great deal of craftsmanship, especially when it’s being done in very low quantities at the highest quality.

Good things take time!

If you have any questions about placing an order, or have any queries about an existing one, please contact us at: