• Window Shopping Scarf- Green- Men
  • Window Shopping Scarf- Green- Men
  • Window Shopping Scarf- Green- Men

Window Shopping Scarf- Green- Men

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‘Still Life Flora,’ the collage work featured in the print, was created by Juna Horstmans. 

“Flowers speak to us in a unique language. Without a single word, they arrest our attention. Individually, their vibrant hues, shapes and forms evoke a plethora of thoughts and emotions. Mixed into a bouquet, these unique forms interact and give each other new significance. 

This collaged body of work provides a view into Juna’s own emotional association with flowers, framed by The Dyás abstract interpretation of their biomorphic qualities.

Colour: Multicolor 

Composition: 100% organic natural silk twill made from regenerative silk.

Lightweight, soft, and smooth. This silk is collected from the cocoons of silkworms fed organic mulberry leaves (in a process that is significantly less water-intensive than cotton production).

Printed using a Sedex-certified Ecofast digital printer, which uses direct-to-fabric Greentex pigment inks that are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 5.0 certified and OEKO-TEX standard 100 compliant. The machine drastically reduces the amount of water required for reactive digital and conventional screen printing.

Care: Handwash

Fibre origin: Nanchong City, China

Fabric sourced from: London, UK

Made in the United Kingdom  

Size and fit: One-size. Unisex.

Measurements: 64x64cm