To launch our brand-new series, "The Dyás Creative Corner,"we had the pleasure of spending time with the multitalented Phoebe Minson, a curator, writer, collector, and art lover. Phoebe had boundless motivation, optimism, and contagious enthusiasm and uses creativity as a way to process emotions and the small things.

"London is the best city in the world"

London is a magnificent melting pot that boasts an abundance of galleries and constantly unveils new exhibitions, attracting some of the most brilliant artists from around the globe. Phoebe finds endless inspiration. Its unparalleled diversity offers a wealth of experiences in cuisine, culture, and entertainment.

One of Phoebe's passions is making art more accessible. She champions the idea of wearable art as a powerful vehicle for increasing accessibility to art and broadening our understanding of what art can be. Ultimately, it democratizes art, nurturing the growth of talented artists and fostering a deeper connection between art and people's lives.

In essence, The Dyás Creative Corner is a celebration of these transformative ideas and the individuals who, like Phoebe, are dedicated to reshaping the artistic landscape. Together, we strive to make art more inclusive, inspiring, and accessible to all.

In the second episode of our exciting series, The Dyás Creative Corner, we had the opportunity to chat with Amina, a vibrant visual artist based in London. Amina embodies spontaneity, dedication, and a fantastic sense of humor!

Her greatest inspiration lies in witnessing ideas come to life, a journey she passionately pursues.

London, with its rich artistic tapestry, has profoundly influenced both her creative practice and personal growth. Immersed in a melting pot of diverse artists, collaborations, and perspectives, Amina finds boundless joy in the vibrant colors and creative spirit of The Dyás pieces.