An introduction to The Dyás Magazine: Letter from the Editor

by The Dyás Admin

The Dyás is a brand that was created to make ‘good’ clothing in every sense of the word. Innovative, sustainably sourced, and ethically produced, every piece produced by The Dyás is meant to be something you can feel good about wearing. But there’s also more to it than that. 

The Dyás’s goal of making “wearable art” is about creating items of clothing that force us to reconsider our relationship with fashion. Collaborating with artists and celebrating the craftsmanship that goes into each piece isn’t just about helping you to appreciate the value of the clothes you’re wearing - it’s also about making the social and environmental impact of that piece a bit clearer and inspiring you to start evaluating all your clothing differently. 

But clothes alone aren’t always sufficient food for thought, and that’s why we’re creating The Dyás Magazine. Covering not just the world of fashion, but also art, culture, and sustainability, each week will see the publication of a new short piece that either discusses an overlooked issue or frames a familiar one in a new light. In a sense, it’s about continuing the conversation we’re trying to start with our clothing - so we hope you fancy a chat!

By Eliot Gillings, Editor, The Dyás Magazine



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