Blanca Tejerina x The Dyás- Grocery List

by The Dyás Admin

My name is Blanca Tejerina. I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid, Spain and I am the first artist to collaborate with The Dyás for a product launch.

My artistic work has always centered around my values and ethics. I believe an art piece is something you create to give form to your innermost feelings and express the various elements of your personality- both as an artist and a human. When I was approach by The Dyás for this. collaboration I wanted to create something that remained true to that ethos. At the same time however, I wanted my collaboration with a sustainable brand to address sustainability in an interesting way. So, I thought about a sin that is rather relevant to myself and my culture - gluttony.

In Spain the culture around food represents something rather special. It’s about family, sharing time, and forming bonds. Consuming food is, as such, as much about getting pleasure from what you’re eating as it is about getting pleasure from the people you’re eating with.

At the time I was spending some time at my parents’ house in Santander, I was constantly cooking, buying groceries, and sharing meals with my friends and family. And I started painting these moments.

In a way, I wanted to reflect a nuanced view of our consumption of food and the culture around it. The prints I have created with The Dyás feature paintings of some of my favourite things to eat and drink on sustainably produced fabric celebrating those items of consumption in an attempt to inspire reflection on how our own social lives intertwine with the impacts we make on the environment.

As a vegetarian, fruits and vegetables feature heavily in my design. But, if you look closer, you can see items typical in Spanish cuisine such as the olive oil, pimenton, and a bottle of wine, and the staples of my vegetarian diet, like Heura meat alternatives and Tofu. This arrangement of fruits and vegetables represents what I eat, and all the things that come with it.

Process, 2022

Thanks to my multidisciplinary training, I have had the fortune of experiencing various forms of artistic expression at various stages of my life, forming deep personal relationships with each which I use to motivate my work. Starting from photography and film, which specifically began. to develop my interest in lighting, moving to music, and eventually composing on the piano which developed my usage and understanding of sound and music as an experience, then fine art, I have had the luxury of developing as an expansive portfolio (and one that I feel communicates with itself).

Moreover, this training has inspired me to expand my perceptions of the role of the artist within an increasingly interconnected world and push myself to interrogate my work within that context.

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